Oh My!

Well, Viper survived the night, but shed his skin. When you look at him today, he definitely has the racing stripes down the side like a garter snake has. I called the local public park and was told garter snakes are terrible pets, they are bitey, aggressive, and speedy, and generally don't like captivity at all. It was suggested that Viper go back to his home in the field where he was found.
Noah came home from school and I showed him what Lynn wrote in the comment section, and I told him what the park naturalist said and he cried and he cried and he cried. He refused to let Viper go, and would not say goodbye to him. I had his friend Nick, who had been with him when Viper was found go and release him in the field.
Noah has been horrible the rest of the day and is lucky he is still breathing and not abandoned somewhere. He is crying, cursing, beating his brother, calling names....I need a stiff drink but am afraid if I picked up a bottle, I'd beat him with it. It will be an early bedtime for all of us tonight!
The good news this weekend was that my friend Nana came over. Nana is the best cook in the world. Her specialty is cakes, but she has never met a recipe she hasn't turned to gold. Nana brought lasagna that was divine and a chicken lasagna that I just have to have the recipe for. I would have posted a picture of her food, but we ate it too quickly! Well, she brought an apple dumpling that I have not eaten yet, I am hiding it from my children though! Not only is Nana a nice person, but she shares her recioes, too. That is the mark of a truly nice person in my book.
And Lynn, from the comments, do I know you in real life? You didn't leave your last name so I have no idea! Help an old lady out here, will ya?


Anonymous said...

if you have not had too much to drink and can read this:
will the real Lynn please stand up............
Lynn Czizek
the only true thing I wrote is what my brother in law wrote (garter snake)
Hope Noah is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Judy, thank you for the compliments (I am blushing!!!). I like to cook but don't get to as much with just the 2 of us and I do like to share. The chicken lasagna was made up as I went but I have it on file to send to you.I don't think the Apple Strudel would be any good now, it gets tough if you don't eat it soon after it is baked.
Bon apetite.

crazed lunatic said...

oooh... Nana food!! I'm another lucky person to know her in real life.

Glad that you got some Nana comfort-food, Judy! Hope that Noah has calmed down. ((hugs))

Savor the Journey said...

Today is a brand new day ... and if these cyber-hugs aren't helping, call me! I can handle it! (And that little 'Viper' looks like a little guy I found about 3 years ago. Fast is the truth!)


Kristi said...

ok I dont think I can come to your house now....YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNAKES and me are not to be under the same roof...OMG how could they hold those things....So did they eat around the cricket...BWAAAHAAA

Africakid said...

You were smart to call the local park--let them be the bearers of bad news. Although I guess you had to then pass it along...
Hope everyone's back to normal!