Ode to Joy

This is my Hanna Stamps sneak peek today, this set "Kiss the Cook" is too cute and the quote from River City Rubber Works just cracks me up. I made this for the challenge to make a monochromatic card for SplitCoast today. I looked in my scrap pile and saw tons of browns, so brown was my color for the day.
Last night was the season premiere for my much beloved show, Prison Break. I put Seth to bed early. He had a sleep over at a friend's on Sunday night and just could not be quiet. I decided he was so tired he couldn't help himself so I put him in bed during a commercial break so Scott and I could fully enjoy the show. I must say, Seth was much easier to wake up for school today so I may give him an early bedtime from now on.
Both my kids were whining about going to the dentist today. They actually like to go, they get free toothbrushes, toothpaste, a sticker and a toy. BUT they have not been good about brushing their teeth lately. They think it is something they do for me, to make me stop nagging and don't yet realize they do it for themselves, so they will have teeth they can chew with in their old age. I am going to tell the dentist to have a little chat with the bad boys.


Shelly said...

This is so cute, I love how you used these new stamps!

crazed lunatic said...

lurve the card! too cute!

and my kids have been given the spiel about my bad teeth... so they all tell eachother that their teeth will turn black if they don't brush.... we're not above scare tactics in my house!

Shannon said...

Great card! Ian favorite show is Prison Break and I enjoy it too. I was really happy with last night show mainly because I was glad to see Sarah wasn't dead!

Kristi said...

BWAAAHAAAAAA you are too funny....I love this, and the paper too....OMG!!!!!