Good Works

I don't now what it is about this set, but I can't put it down, despite the fact I always seem to have other half made items lying around, needing to have finishing touches put on them. The quote is from Mother Teresa and says "Good works are links that form a chain of love." Who can resist Mother Teresa? The quote came with the set, but I have a couple of other quote stamps from her that I love, too. For this piece I stamped the background grass and cut out the flowers so they are added onto the piece with pop dots. I am going to have ato find a frame for this...and somewhere to hang it as my walls are fairly full already!

The kids watched the movie "College Road Trip" today and I took a nap. Scott is now out on a bike ride, so he'll be gone for a while. He'll do 25-30 miles most likely. All in all it is a quiet saturday and we'll be heading out to dinner after a bit.

The kids like to go to a place called The Old Country Buffet. Only they usually call it The Old Crunchy Buffet." One of the teachers from school works there a couple times a week so they love to go see her, and I usually take in a small handmade item to leave with her tip. We always sit in her section, and as tired as I get from eating there, it gives the kids such joy.

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crunchy buffet, funny stuff!
xoxo, Lynn