More cards, can you believe it?

I made this with the Hanna set for Halloween/Fall. The challenge today was to use some of that expensive and/or fancy paper that most scrappers have around. This paper is called "Magic Fairy Wands" and is a sparkly pink . Why I bought it, I'll never know. I am sure I had a plan, but the reason is now lost. I figured bats fly, so they can take the place of fairies, right? At least it works in my own little corner of the world. I made the naughty bat fly off with some poor kids Halloween candy. Eeek!
This is the new hanna set, being released tonight at Split Coast. It is very cute. I put some glossy accents on the turkey's eyes and I have to say he looks like he is wondering is that is a turkey pot pie the pilgrim is holding! I forget about this paper, it was a scrap I had around and I thought it looked Thanksgiving like.

Seth said he got compliments on his hair barrete. Someone told him it was "freaking them out" but he wore it all day very happily. I'll have to hide them from him. Or I should gain some self controla nd not let my son leave the house looking weird. I must come up with more appropriate boy things for him to make, he is so proud of homemade items.

Anyone out there read "The Shack"? I am working on it and wonder what others think.


voda love said...

very awsome.

good penny stock said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

crazed lunatic said...

crack me up about Seth... he's a funny little man.

nice cards, sister! :)

Rachel said...

*cough* Umm... I have a son who routinely leaves the house in sparkley shoes and hair barettes. In fact, we had to hunt through Katie's old discarded shoes so that *everyone* *at the same time* could wear red sparkley shoes and red hair barettes (which, as the youngest still has zip hair was rather... interesting.)

And we were going out to dinner at the time.

So, yeah, we've just officially given up. I have everywhere from two young girl to two young boy children depending on who you ask when (and this is true even when I make sure to put them in the gender appropriate clothes!)

Heck, he also loves to wear Katie's dresses, but I have drawn the line there. No leaving the house in a pink fluffy dress.

I have to have *some* principles.