Freaky Hot

Usually on September First I wake up and am thankful that our hot and sweltering August is over. This year, not so much. September is bringing us a freaky heat wave that feels nothing like fall. Is there a word for this? "Bah humbug" is my general mood in reaction to the weather we are having, but it just doesn't sound right when it's not Christmas.

Hanna Stamps is releasing a Ballet Moose this Friday. I stamped some on Shrink Plastic and colored them in with sharpies. Once shrunk I put them on hair barrettes. You know I only have boys, so I'll be making hair barette items for the next little bit here, in order to use them up. Seth saw these and wanted them immediately. I tried to hold him off. But today as we headed out to the us stop, he proudly showed me that he put one in his hair to wear today. yes, a pink barrette with a ballet danicing moose. I know when he comes home today he will bust out the shrink plastic and color in some more moose for himself. I just hope I don't get a note home from school this year about his possible gender identity issues. I should be proud I have a child who doesn't care what the other kids think.

I posted this todat at SCS for the sketch challenge. It's Riley Moose on a bike. Now I am wondering how he'll look as a hair barrette. I have another moose card to post, but I think blogger didn't put it up for my blog, I'll be back with it in a minute.

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