The Advent Season

This is for a Hanna Stamps Challenge, to make card with Hanna dancing. A couple of the more recent releases lend themselves well to Hanna being a dancing lady, so I decided to be different
and use an older set, Rainy Days. I decided Hanna could be dancing in the rain. Can you tell I am tired of cold weather and ready for Spring?
Yesterday we started with a trip to "early church", which means going to the 8:30 AM service. It was a Communion service and the kids were well behaved, which made it wonderful. I felt relaxed and rested and ready for the week. That's a good thing as we rushed home after Sunday School so I could cook lunch for some of my best girlfriends.
I made chicken tettrazini (so very yummy if I do say so myself!) and spinach salad. My friends brought cheesy bread and chocolate cheesecake. We had our Homemade Christmas gift exchange. This is my favorite day of the year! I really look forward to seeing what everyone makes. I'll have to post photos of what I recieved later. Let's just say I was thrilled! We all got lots of good things and I loved every last bit of it. Usually we meet at a restaurant, but we decided to do it at my house this year. It was nice and relaxing and non-rushed.
I ran out the door afterwards to go back to church for the Advent Party. It is a pitch in, so I took more salad and the kids played games, did crafts, saw Mary and Joseph, and sang Christmas Carols. I am in a festive mood, now. Watch out everyone, I may just carry some mistletoe in my pocket and give everyone a big kiss when I greet them. Christmas is coming and I say, Bring It On! I Am Ready!!


crazed lunatic said...

thanks so much for hosting yesterday. it was a nice afternoon. love my picture. it is hanging in my hallway where Collin's karate picture used to hang. :)

Auntie said...

If you see Mary and Joseph again tell them I said Hi!

Lunch this week?

Could I get the chicken receipe?

Cute picture!