A Much Quieter Day

The challenge of the day was to incorporate an envelope into your card/project design. I took the challenge quite literally and decided to showcase the happenings of two envelopes if they are interlocked together. The front (above) is made to open when the ribbons are untied.

Once you open the project you will find the two envelopes have created pockets inside the card. If you want to make a matching set, once you decorate the front you can put matching smaller cards an envelopes inside. I put a Hanna Card on the inside to show how the pockets look, but I plan to make little coupons for my husband for Christmas. The Hanna card is coming out from the right side of the holder, the left side is slightly hidden, but is holding envelopes.
Join us for the Release of new Hanna sets tonight on SCS at 9PM and you can see what the other Design Team members have made, too.
Today was quiet, I started with painting at Maria's house, which is always nice and relaxing. Before I knew it, we'd left the house and were out shopping at Costco. I got some gift cards there which helped cross some people off my Christmas list. Who knew Costco sold discounted gift cards? It was like discovering something new and wonderful in the universe for me.
I also had lunch with Scott and I am hoping I do not still smell like the Indian buffet. He loves to go there so we go a lot for lunch. Me? I like Max and Erma's across the street. I just prefer to sit down and be waited on, I guess. Dinner will be easy tonight as I am only warming up Ravioli that I got at Costco. I wrapped some presents today and the kids are playing nicely in the house. Okay, there are 5 kids in the house, but they are not near me, so they must be doing okay.

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crazed lunatic said...

bathe guinea pigs?? oh, my, am bad guinea pig mommy. have never done that before!

so i have to drop something by for Collin for tonight or have Aaron do it. I don't think he remembered to pack his stuff and I forgot to remind him.... maybe Aaron does need a new model for a wife?! ;)