Christmas Joy

Any gift that looks like this:

Should not look like this when it is opened:

Seriously. What is Godiva thinking? I expected a box with perfectly segregated sections, each one softly entrusted to behold its own unspeakable wealth of a perfectly dipped chocolate pretzel. The whole pretzel in a bag thing? I can get that at Aldi Foods!
Poor Scott happened to mention the other day that one of the employees at work came into his office with a box of Godiva chocolates that another company had sent over with Christmas wishes. He sat the box out in a common area to be eaten. I was somewhat shocked that he had not politely regifted and given them to me. Shocked enough that I quizzed him all weekend about the chocolates that were left behind at the office. Would anyone be going to the office this weekend? Does the cleaning crew help themselves to food? How early could he get to the office on Monday to pick up the chocolates for me, before anyone else spied what I wanted him to do?
So, sweet man brought me home the box yesterday. It was a box of 8, and only one had been eaten. Thank God. Today he came home with the pretzels and I was expecting quite a delicacy. I am hoping they taste more appetizing than their initial appearance. I will eat the other box first and open these later, thus insuring optimal freshness.
I have taken the kids to see Bolt, took them out to eat twice in two days, have run errands with them, have been to the dollar store, Archivers , Michaels (twice!) and have now run out of ideas. Thankfully we are going to my parents tomorrow, if we should survive Christmas Eve day at home together.
They made cornucopias for the tree, as one of them read somewhere that it is tradition in some forgotten country and Santa leaves small gifts in them. Then Seth remembered that if you put food for the reindeer in your shoes, you get candy from Santa. The cornucopias will net them oranges and nuts and hard boiled eggs. The shoes will get them regifted leftover Halloween candy that I have around here somewhere. Greedy little boogers, won't they be surprised?! I tried to convince them the sleigh is loaded and Santa is officially closed but they don't believe it and I thought about letting their empty items remain empty, but couldn't be that big of a bitch in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Judy, Judy, Judy, you are one of a kind. Even the thrifty one that I am I have never thought of regifting Holloween candy!!I received the best Christmas gift that I could have gotten when my sister told me that the doctor gave her the news yesterday that (at least for the time being)she was cancer free.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Nana S.