Great Gifts

It is apparent to me that I will have to showcase just a couple of items at a time for you from the Homemade Christmas Exchange. If I show everything at once, I'll have a very photo heavy post and nothing to write about for the rest of the week. You, my dear readers, will have nothing to read for the rest of the week. Nothing to comment on when you come here. No small doses of daily inspuration. Yes, it's much better if I tease you with a small glimpse at a time.

I am posting gifts in no particular order. Well, some of the gifts do require an appropriate place on the wall. That means I can post their photos when I get to them. This item, up first, is crying for a place in my purse. I needed to take a photo of it, before I put it away and it gets lost forever in the bowels of my black handbag. That's not exactly true, I am a minimalist and carry very few items along with me. I have a trial size hand cream, some lipstick, a green bag, a wallet. And coupons. Always coupons. And I am always losing them, and searching for them. But not now, Dear Friends!

Katie made me this great holder for my purse. I plan to use the clear side pocket for my coupons. I can put hand cream and lipstick inside the carrier so they don't roll around and get lost or hidden in the depths of the blackness of my purse. And the little clip on the side?! I just love it. I can clip it in place and know immediately where my beloved essentials are. WoooHooo I love ths gift! You can visit Katie at Blue Kitty Designs to order one of these, or one of her other designs. Look her up, she's got really cool handmade gifts, and you know you want some.

This card is from Stephenie. She is such an original artist and her designs always blow me away. She can always come up with things I would never think of on my own. I just love this design. It is so perfectly Christmas. Steph also gave me some handcrafted wall art that I will showing off later in the week. I cut and measure and match everything to a fault and Steph just crafts away, very out of the box to my thinking and comes up with some of the best designs ever. Prepare to be very impressed as the week goes on.


Anonymous said...

You have my curiosity sparked. I can't wait until you post the other things.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

*sigh* know where my stuff rates.... ;) hope you're ok!