Whew. I made this card for the challenge of the day. It's a sketch challenge on Wednesdays so I had to go by their example and see what I had to work with. I used a combination of the two new hanna sets, pin Up and Belly Dancer. I would give this card to my husband, but I just don't feel like it right now.

I had a busy, busy day. I got up early to get this card made and ran out the door as soon as Seth got on the bus. His school has a public forum to celebrate the kids who are on Honor Roll and who have won a Guiding Principle Award. You have to embody one of the five Guiding Principles which are Honesty, Respect, Hard Work, Responsibility, and something else. I never can remember them all. He won for Hard Work. He also got a pencil for having perfect attendance. It's all craziness to me, but the school does it, and as long as Seth gets some award, I try not to mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with other parents in a hot packed auditorium/cafeteria.

Then I had to go meet my mom for some Christmas shopping and lunch. I got home right before Seth got off the bus. I let her drive, which I may never do again. She tried to pass a big truck on the right side just as the lane merged, then she gave a lecture about his bad driving. I am alive, and it was her money spent shopping, so once a year the kids can get gifts from "Santa."

Scott came home early, which NEVER happens, but it was just to complain about work and employees. We ate a fast dinner and I am off to Stamp Camp tonight. I hope I get to sit down tomorrow.


Summerthyme Studio said...

This is absolutely STUNNING!!!!


Katie said...

I like it!

I'm not a fan of whirlwind days either. Hope today is quieter for you.

crazed lunatic said...

fun card, girlie! hope you had fun at Stamp Camp and that today is easy peasy for you!