Last But Certainly Not Least

My friend Stephanie made this for me for Christmas and I have not hung it on the wall yet. I do have the perfect place for it, but I have to remember to get ahold of both a nail and a hammer at the same time. It is too cold to go searching through Scott's tools in the garage, so maybe it is with kindness that the memory fails me when I am in the garage.
Steph made these for us, but personalized them a bit for each of us. Mine is full of bling, which I adore. She does know me well. The colors are gorgeous in real life, it is just my photo taking abilities that look awful.
Today was a quiet day, I crafted a bit, and went to the grocery store. It is hamburger night tonight, per Seth's request. I should not worry about a menu much, I should just ask Seth what he is in the mood to eat. He always has an idea and it takes the weight of dinner stress off of me. I had lunch with some friends and made it home in time to give Noah an afternoon snack . That boy comes in and the first thing he looks for is food. I think he talks a lot and lunch and doesn't eat much at school. The theory is proven by his full lunch bag that he brings homeeveryday.
It is cold and snowy now, so I am going to make some hot chocolate and wait inside for Seth to arrive.

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crazed lunatic said...

i thought perhaps you were really saying "you really shouldn't have" about my gift. ;)

glad you like it! and glad that you actually are liking it enough to hang it up. hehe

hope you had a relaxing time at lunch today!