I have several friends who are Obamaniacs so when I saw the SCS Callenge to make quick and easy gift idea, I knew what I could do. I used the scalloped circle, pre cut, that I got in a pack of 6 at Archivers. I punched a photo of President Elect Obama from Newsweek and punchd out the same sized circle of Adhesive from an adhesive sheet. I attachhed the adhesive to the photo, then the photo to the back of the plastic scalloped circle. I added bling and ribbon, and there ya have it! Tree Art. Super quick and easy.
There isn't much going on lately. I am finishing up Christmas shopping, the baking is done,I have the Christmas ham, and today was the last day for painting with Maria. I guess I can nap till next week.
But then there is dinner to make. I get so tired of it. Today may just be a breakfast night, with waffles and eggs. I am not feeling mootivated to do much else, but I should open the freezer and see what falls out. Maybe there is a better idea in there. Let's hope so.


Lynn said...

so, what fell out of your freezer? only ice cubes fall out of mine.

Judy in Indiana said...

Seth made a request for hot dogs so I had Scott stop and get some on the way home, so that was dinner. We all ended up eating them as I was too broken of spirit to think of anything else. And I am not really a hot dog fan, so you know I was unmotivated if that is what I chose to eat!

Thanks for commenting, Lynn. I was wondering how many days this post would go with no comments. I never feel like posting when the previous post left so many people feeling unaffected, and un moved to comment.

crazed lunatic said...

I didn't comment only because I was out of town? Does that make you feel any better? ;) Hope you're doing well!