Homemade Christmas

Look, I made a card this week....Really I did. I haven't fallen off the card making wagon all together. This was for a sketch challenge at SCS. The igloo and quote are from Amuse and the Penguins are from Memory Box.

And below is a canvas my friend Stephenie made for me last year for our Homemade Christmas exchange. I loved it so much I have been begging for more all year. Sorry about the glare, I really need better photography skills.

So when my birthday came, she said she would make me another. But then she didn't get to it. I was hoping for another canvas for Christmas. Instead I got two! I got so lucky this year. And I am very, very happy.
One is for Christmas and one is for my birthday. Now the pressure is on for Stephenie, because one season is still missing and I need it. I have the perfect spot where I want to hang them all. I hope she feels the pressure is on and gets to creating. i don't want to wait another year. Maybe I'll tell her Valentine's Day is a perfect day to show your friends how much they mean to you.

Scott laughs because I call them "the Stephanies and Rebecca." But what is a girl to do when she has two friends who have the same name? Well, almost. One is Stephanie and one is Stephenie, but they pronounce their names the same even though the spellings are different. Our circle expanded when Katie moved here from Maryland this year. She and Stephanie have been friends since Kindergarten and she is a mad crafter, too. I feel so lucky to have such skilled friends.
(And Lynn, I am still waiting to see what you are making me. Christmas is coming!)


crazed lunatic said...

very cute! :)

those canvases are way cute... is so funny how she can come up with such fun and funky designs. am such a linear shit myself! ;)

Lynn said...

would a sock puppet count? =)

Lynn said...

btw: it was great having lunch with you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you are happy with your pictures. Valentine's Day sounds like a perfect goal date to have the last one ready for you. I really enjoyed lunch yesterday too - we should try to do that once a month on Fridays (Lynn and I can both go then.) Stephenie