Bling Brings Me Joy

I used stamps from papertrey Ink this morning to creat my challenge card. I haven't posted it over at SCS though. I keep thinking I can do something better with this. The challenge is to make a monochromatic card using only snowflakes for embellishments. No patterned paper, and the sentiment can only be one word. This card is full of bling, which looks good in person but looks like a cheap prostitute once photographed for the internet. You can barely see the word, Joy. The paper is from Doodlebug Designs and has snowflakes embossed on it.

Today will be a fun day. The kids have a half day of school and I am meeting my friend Rebecca for lunch before the house fills with children. I have some painting set aside to work on, but I don't know if I'll get to that. We'll probably go out for dinner as Noah has a friend spending the night and we like to take him out. He is a gracious and kind child so we like to spoil him a bit. I did give the Guinea pigs a bath. Scott found a video on bathing them on YouTube, so I tried it out. They did well and are squeeky clean fresh today. Maybe next time I will use the blow dryer (on low) as they stayed damp so long I thought the little sweeties might catch a cold.


Anonymous said...

I think there is a joke in there about bathing with the "little sweeties" but I can't seem to figure it out.
Hope dinner was good! Lynn

Summerthyme Studio said...

Very Pretty!!! and Blingy too!

Judy in Indiana said...

No, there is no joke about bathing the guinea pigs. I bathed them in the sink, and they were never submersed, just soaped up and rinsed off. We did not, the three of us, all get in the tub together. I only get in the tub with the dog. She jumps out if you don't hold her in and bathe her.

Auntie said...

Very cute cards!! I am all about the bling and this card tells my story!

Had a good time yesterday. Thanks for hosting. The food was great too!