Stampin Tuesday

It's Tuesday and that means a color challenge at SplitCoast. The colors are Hunter, Burgundy and So Saffron. The hunter and burgundy colors have another name that goes with them, like Harvest Hunter or Baroque Burgundy, but I can't remember what they are exactly. The names that are used are from a company called Stampin' Up, if you have no idea what I am babbling about. The colors are sort of industry standards, or go to colors for the challenges. You can substitute the colors as you wish, as long as you stay in the same color arena. That's what I did, I tried to stay true but used background papaers from my scrap pile instead of SU colors. I added a few dew drops and some gingham ribbom. The stamp is from Jeanne Streiff, who is also on the Hanna Stamps Design Team with me.
Seth's friend Mike is here today. They spent the night at Nike's last night and I took the kids for the day. I fed four of us lunch today at Taco Bell for $14.09. Go me! Noah really wanted Panera, but I didn't want to bust the bank just buying sandwiches.
Thankfully there is leftover meatloaf from last nights dinner, so I am going to chop it up in tiny little pieces and pretend it is hamburger. Which it is, of course. I am going to boil whatever pasta I can find and add sauce and cheese and that will be dinner tonight. I love it when an idea to reuse leftovers makes dinner easy.
I am coming to the end of my cold (I hope) and feel much better today, but I may still lay down in front of the TV for a while.


Anonymous said...

Good idea on the meatloaf, it is kinda like regifting isn't it? Don't let the family know you are feeling better and maybe you can get a couple more days rest out of it. Here's hoping you have a very good New Year.
Love ya,
Nana S

crazed lunatic said...

go you on the leftover meatloaf idea! :)

glad to hear that you're feeling better, but def take Nana's advice and milk it! ;)